Course Priority List

As in each year changes are made to try and improve our members and visitors playing satisfaction and this year is no exception.
In the Autumn Frank (our Head Greenkeeper) and myself sit together and make a winter work list, from this list we make our priority list.

This year the priority list was:

  • Getting more air and light onto the 2nd fairway, which over the last years has become wetter and wetter.
    This could only be achieved by removing the woods on the left (west) side. Replacing them with more noble trees, for instance oaks and beech trees. Whilst planting leaving areas open so that when the trees have grown light and wind will still reach the fairway.
    In a second face we will also do the same in the future on the right side.
  • More light and air onto the 10th fairway for the same reason as on the 2nd fairway.
    Here we have cleared some non-native trees and trees that were becoming dangerous from the right (south) side of the fairway.
  • Drainage of the greens. The greens are about 30 years old and many of the green drains are not working well (or at all), and as we did on the 14th green last winter, renewing the drain from the green, we have done now on the 10th green. Other greens drainage will be also renewed, if the weather permits.
  • Planting of a hedge between the President’s Nine 1st and 9th holes and the road next to the parking.